Here is a list of all console commands available in PAC3.

Minimal version:

GitHub - These commands are available in the Develop branch.

GitHub - These commands are available in the Master branch and above.

Workshop - These commands are available in the Workshop version and above.

Command access:

Client - Command can be used by any player on the server.

Server - Command can be used only by admins.

CommandArgument (Default)VersionAccessDescription
pac_allow_blood_color 0/1 (1) Workshop Server Allows players to change blood color using :entity: Player Config part.
pac_allow_mdl 0/1 (1) Workshop Server Allows players to use MDL models.
pac_allow_mdl_entity 0/1 (1) Workshop Server Allows players to use MDL models as their entity.
pac_asset_browser models materials textures sound Workshop Client Opens up PAC3's asset browser. Has optional arguments.
pac_asset_browser_close_on_select 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Determines if the asset browser closes after selecting an asset.
pac_asset_browser_remember_layout 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Determines if the asset browser remembers its layout.
pac_auto_size_properties 0/1/2 (1) Workshop Client Automatically resizes the properties panel when changing between parts.
pac_backup_limit 0-??? (100) Workshop Client Maximum number of backups.
pac_ban player name Workshop Server Bans specified player from the PAC3 Editor.
pac_basic_mode 0/1 (0) Workshop Client Toggles between basic and advanced mode.
pac_camera_follow_entity 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Determines if the PAC3 camera follows the player.
pac_clear_parts none Workshop Client Clears your current outfit.
pac_convert_pac2_outfits none Workshop Client Converts PAC2 outfits to be compatible with PAC3.
pac_debug_clmdl 0/1/2/3 (0) Workshop Client ????
pac_draw_distance -1/0 - 32768 (500) Workshop Client Render distance of PAC3 outfits.
pac_editor none Workshop Client Opens the PAC3 editor.
pac_editor_font pac_font_1-5 pac_font_bold_1-5 DermaDefault DermaDefaultBold Workshop Client Changes font in the editor.
pac_editor_model_icons 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Enables model icons in the editor.
pac_editor_panic none Workshop Client Resets the editor.
pac_editor_position_mode 0/1/2 (0) Workshop Client Editor position. 0 - Left, 1 - Middle, 2 - Right. Requires pac_editor_remember_position 0 to work.
pac_editor_remember_position 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Remember PAC3 editor position on screen.
pac_enable 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Enables PAC3 editor.
pac_enable_[part] [part name] Workshop Client Enables/disables PAC3 parts. These commands work only when the respective part is in use.
pac_enable_urlobj 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Enables custom OBJ models.
pac_enable_urltex 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Enables custom textures.
pac_free_movement -1/0/1 (-1) Workshop Server Allows players to modify movement using the Player Movement part. -1 = Only when noclip allowed, 0 = Disabled, 1 = Always
pac_friendonly 0/1 (0) Workshop Client Only load outfits from friends.
pac_grab_clone 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Holding shift when moving or rotating a model creates its clone.
pac_grid_ang_size 0 - ??? (45) Workshop Client Editor angle grid size. Hold CTRL to snap to grid.
pac_grid_pos_size 0 - ??? (4) Workshop Client Editor postion grid size. Hold CTRL to snap to grid.
pac_hide_disturbing 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Hide parts which outfit creators marked as 'is disturbing'.
pac_language english french japanese korean russian turkish Workshop Client Change PAC editor language.
pac_max_contraption_entities 0 - ??? (60) Workshop Server Max number of spawned PAC contraptions allowed.
pac_max_render_time 0 - ??? (0) Workshop Client Maximum render time for outfits. 0 - Disabled
pac_modifier_model 0/1 (1) Workshop Server Allows users to change their playermodel using PAC.
pac_modifier_size 0/1 (1) Workshop Server Allows users to change their size using PAC.
pac_obj_async 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Process OBJ files in background.
pac_obj_cache 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Cache Object files on disk.
pac_obj_runtime 0 - ??? (0) Workshop Client Maximal parse runtime in seconds. 0 = Disabled.
pac_objdl_streams 0 - ??? (4) Workshop Client Number of OBJ files download streams.
pac_objdl_timeout 0 - ??? (15) Workshop Client OBJ download timeout in seconds.
pac_ogg_volume 0.0 - 1.0 (1.0) Workshop Client Volume of PAC sounds.
pac_onuse_only 0/1 (0) Workshop Client Reveal outfits only on +use. E key by default.
pac_override_fov 0/1 (0) Workshop Client Render object outside of visible field of view. (Might increase lag).
pac_panic none Workshop Client Clears all rendered outfits.
pac_register_script_part none Workshop Client Enables the script part.
pac_render_attachments 0/1 (0) Workshop Client Render model attachments as bones.
pac_render_projected_texture 0/1 (0) Workshop Client Render projected textures.
pac_request_outfits none Workshop Client Request player outfits.
pac_reset_eye_angles none Workshop Client Resets eye angles.
pac_restart none Workshop Client Restarts PAC3.
pac_restrictions 0/1 (0) Workshop Server Restricts camera movement for players.
pac_reverse_collapse 0/1 (0) Workshop Client Reverse Collapse/Expand hotkeys.
pac_show_profiling_info 0/1 (0) Workshop Client Shows outfit render time.
pac_spawn_map outfit name Workshop Server Spawns the outfit as props on the map.
pac_submit_limit 0 - ??? (30) Workshop Server Sets the limit for pac_submit.
pac_submit_spam 0/1 (1) Workshop Server Prevent users from spamming pac_submit.
pac_suppress_frames 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Disables PAC reflections.
pac_sv_draw_distance -1/0 - 32768 (0) Workshop Server Server draw distance.
pac_sv_hide_outfit_on_death 0/1 (0) Workshop Server Hides player outfits on death.
pac_sv_projectiles 0/1 (0) Workshop Server Enables projectiles on server.
pac_to_contraption_allow 0/1 (1) Workshop Server Allows players to spawn PAC parts as props.
pac_toggle_tpose none Workshop Client Toggles T-Pose. Shortcut: Ctrl + T
pac_unban player name Workshop Server Unbans player from PAC3 Editor.
pac_urlobj_clear_cache 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Clears OBJ file cache.
pac_urlobj_clear_disk 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Clears OBJ file cache on disk.
pac_urltex_clear_cache 0/1 (1) Workshop Client Clears texture cache.
pac_use_whitelist 0/1 (0) Workshop Client Load PACs only from players listed in settings.
pac_use_whitelist_b 0/1 (0) Workshop Client Load whitelist acts as blacklist.
pac_wear_friends_only 0/1 (0) Workshop Client Wear outfits only to friends.
pac_wear_parts outfit name Workshop Client Wears outfit.
pac_wear_reverse 0/1 (0) Workshop Client Wear blacklist acts as whitelist.
pac_webcontent_allow_no_content_length 0/1 (0) Workshop Client Allow downloads with no content length.
pac_webcontent_limit -1/0 - ??? Workshop Client Webcontent limit, -1 = Unlimited, 1024 = 1mb
pac_webcontent_limit_force 0/1 (0) GitHub Client Override server-side webcontent limit.
0/1 (0) Workshop Server Allow downloads with no content length.
sv_pac_webcontent_limit -1/0 - ??? Workshop Server Webcontent limit, -1 = Unlimited, 1024 = 1mb
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