Returns the time in seconds since the moment it was triggered.

This function can be used for anything that needs to reset on start and increase over time.

clamp(5 + timeex(), 5, 10)

When shown, the proxy starts at 5 and increases over time thanks to timeex(), clamp(input, min, max) is used to limit the output so the value never goes above 10.

hsv_to_color(timeex() * 50)

Here timeex() is used as the (h)ue input for hsv_to_color(h, s, v) which changes the color over time. Multiplying the timeex() by 50 speeds up the color transition.

Download: hsv.txt


This example goes up by 10 every second and loops from 0 to 100.


This example goes back and forth between -25 and 25.

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