PAC Problems

General problems

The steps below should fix most of the problems.

  1. Restart PAC. Type pac_restart in the console.
  2. Restart GMOD.
  3. Test your outfit on both multiplayer and singleplayer.
    Some problems only happen on multiplayer servers. E.g. an outfit made with a recent version of PAC might not work on a server using an older version.
  4. Disable other addons.
    List of known addon conflicts can be found here but in general its better to disable all of them just to make sure.
  5. Reset addon settings.
    Close GMOD, find and delete the cfg/client.vdf and cl.db files in your garrysmod folder. Keep in mind this resets settings for ALL addons, make a backup if you want.
  6. Switch to the default GMOD branch.
    1. Go to your steam library
    2. Right click the game and click properties
    3. Go to the “Betas” tab
    4. Select NONE from the list
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