Extracting game content

In order to edit the original game textures/models you'll need to first extract them using Crowbar.

Open the page below and scroll to the download section. Once downloaded, extract the archive into a folder.

  • Open Crowbar and head to the Unpack tab.
  • Here, click Browse… next to the Package field and find your file, see Common File Locations
  • Click Browse… next to the Output and select the output location
  • Select the files that you want and click Unpack

Addon files can be found in two different locations depending on when the addon was created.

Old addon files

  • Navigate to GarrysMod/garrysmod/addons
  • Open the GMA file that you want

New addon files

  • Navigate to workshop/content/4000/<addon_id> — you can get the <addon_id> from the workshop link
  • Open the GMA file that you want

Default game files

  • Navigate to GarrysMod/garrysmod
  • Open garrysmod_dir.vpk

Textures of Half Life 2 characters / props used in Garry's Mod

  • Navigate to GarrysMod/sourceengine
  • Open hl2_textures_dir.vpk
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