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How do I download PAC3?

Links are in the sidebar on the left or on this page Downloading & Installing PAC

How do I install PAC3?

How do I open the PAC3 editor?

  • Hold down C to enter the context menu, click on the PAC Editor icon (top left)
  • Open the spawnmenu (Q key), go to the options tab on the right, click on PAC3 in the list and then click on show editor.
  • Type pac_editor in console (~ key)

How do I control the camera in PAC3?

W A S D to move around. Left Mouse to rotate.

How do I use custom content in PAC3?

How do I make my playermodel invisible?

Add an Entity part and set Alpha to 0. If your eyes/mouth are still visible change the material.

Where can I find PAC4?

PAC4 doesn't exist. What you're looking for is the Experimental tab in PAC3.

How do I use .MDL files?

How do I use replace textures?

Where are outfits stored?


How do I use left/right mouse in button event?

The key names are mouse_left and mouse_right, they do not appear on the list so you have to manually type them in.

Where is the animation editor?

Inside the Custom Animation part.

What is autoload?

Autoload is the outfit that gets loaded when you spawn.

Are there any hot keys / shortcuts?

What console commands are there?

See Commands

When will the Workshop version get updated?


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