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How do I download PAC3?

Links are in the sidebar on the left or on this page Downloading & Installing PAC

How do I install PAC3?

How do I open the PAC3 editor?

  • Hold down C to enter the context menu, click on the PAC Editor icon (top left)
  • Open the spawnmenu (Q key), go to the options tab on the right, click on PAC3 in the list and then click on show editor.
  • Type pac_editor in console (~ key)

How do I control the camera in PAC3?

W A S D to move around. Left Mouse to rotate.

How do I use custom content in PAC3?

How do I make my playermodel invisible?

Add an :entity: Entity part and set Alpha to 0. If your eyes/mouth are still visible change the material.

Where can I find PAC4?

PAC4 doesn't exist. What you're looking for is the Experimental tab in PAC3.

How do I use .MDL files?

How do I use replace textures?

Where are outfits stored?


How do I use left/right mouse in button event?

The key names are mouse_left and mouse_right, they do not appear on the list so you have to manually type them in.

Where is the animation editor?

Inside the :custom_animation:Custom Animation part.

What is autoload?

Autoload is the outfit that gets loaded when you spawn.

Are there any hot keys / shortcuts?

What console commands are there?

See Commands

When will the Workshop version get updated?


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