Triggers while holding a given key.

This event only works while you're holding the button, if you're looking for a toggle button see command event.

None, this event does not use any operators.

button string The button that will trigger the event.

Click to show.

mouse_left Left mouse button
mouse_right Right mouse button
mouse_middle Middle mouse button (scroll wheel click)
mouse_4 “Back” mouse button
mouse_5 “Forward” mouse button
mouse_wheel_up Mouse wheel scroll up
mouse_wheel_down Mouse wheel scroll down
f1 to f12 Function keys from F1 to F12
0 to 9 Main keyboard numbers from 0 to 9
pad_0 to pad_9 Keypad numbers from 0 to 9
pad_divide Keypad slash key (/)
pad_multiply Keypad asterisk key (*)
pad_minus Keypad minus key (-)
pad_plus Keypad plus key (+)
pad_enter Keypad enter key
pad_decimal Keypad dot key (.)
a to z Letters from a to z
lbracket Left square bracket key ([)
rbracket Right square bracket key (])
semicolon Semicolon key (;)
apostrophe Apostrophe key (')
backquote Back quote key (`)
comma Comma key (,)
period Period key (.)
slash Slash key (/)
backslash Backslash key (\)
minus Minus key (-)
equal Equal sign key (=)
enter Enter key
space Space key
backspace Backspace key
tab Tabulator key
capslock Caps Lock key
numlock Num Lock key
escape Escape key
scrolllock Scroll Lock key
insert Insert key
delete Delete key
home Home key
end End key
pageup Page Up key
pagedown Page Down key
break Break key Can't get it to work??
lshift Left Shift key
rshift Right Shift key
lalt Left Alt key
ralt Right Alt key
lcontrol Left Control key
rcontrol Right Control key
lwin Left Windows key Can't get it to work??
up Up Arrow key
left Left Arrow key
down Down Arrow key
right Right Arrow key
xbutton_a A or Cross Can't get it to work??
xbutton_b B or Circle button
xbutton_x Y or Triangle button
xbutton_y X or Square button
xbutton_left_shoulder Left Bumper or L1 button
xbutton_right_shoulder Right Bumper or R1 button
xbutton_ltrigger Left Trigger or L2 button
xbutton_rtrigger Right Trigger or R2 button
xbutton_back Back or Share button
xbutton_start Start or Options button
xbutton_up D-Pad Up Can't get it to work??
xbutton_down D-Pad Down
xbutton_left D-Pad Left
xbutton_right D-Pad Right
xbutton_stick1 Left Stick press
xbutton_stick2 Right Stick press
xstick1_up Left Stick up
xstick1_down Left Stick down
xstick1_left Left Stick left
xstick1_right Left Stick right
xstick2_up Right Stick up
xstick2_down Right Stick down
xstick2_left Right Stick left
xstick2_right Right Stick right

Set the event to button, button to x. The event will trigger when you press X and stay active as long as you hold it.

Download: event_button.txt

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