Triggers when a given command is used. This event is controlled through the pac_event console command.

Any string operator.



number For how many seconds should the event be active after triggering. Default is 0.1


string Command name, used together with the pac_event command.

These are the commands variation used to trigger command events.

They can be used from the console, bound to a key or triggered with and Event combined with a Command.

ONCE pac_event find Triggers the event for a given amount of time.
OFF pac_event find 0 Turns the event off. Time specifies the delay before turning off.
ON pac_event find 1 Turns the event on. Time doesn't seem to affect it.
TOGGLE pac_event find 2 Toggles the event. Time specifies the delay before turning off.
HOLD +pac_event find 2 Triggers the event for as long as you hold the button, time specifies the delay before turning off.

find - Replace this with whatever you typed in the find argument field.

The event wheel provides quick access to all command events in your outfit.

To access the event wheel open the console ~ and type bind key +pac_eventskey is the keyboard button that you want to use.

From now on you can hold key and hover over an event to activate it.

Names displayed on the wheel are based on the find argument.

To toggle events on the wheel set time to -1.

To bind the command to a key open your console ~ and type bind key command.

Replace key with the key that you want and command with one of the commands.

Example: bind x “pac_event my_command 2”

Command events can be triggered from the Command part, to do so:

  1. Add an event to your outfit that will trigger the command, usually this is a button event.
  2. Add a Command part under the event, paste your command into the string field.

Download: event_command.txt

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