Allows you to run console commands.

This part can be found under:

You can easily find it by clicking on the sign and typing command.

Add the Command part to your outfit and type the command in the string field.

Commands can be combined with Events. This example sends a chat message after pressing a button.

Download: command_chat.txt


The command that you want to run.

use lua

Runs the string as client side Lua.

Requires sv_allowcslua 1

execute on wear

execute on show

Triggers when the part is shown. Required when used with events.


Custom name of the command that will be displayed in the editor. Helps with organization. You should probably keep it unique to avoid conflicts.


Hides (disables) the command. All children are hidden as well.

parent name

Parent of the command. Click on 1) to select.

Right Click on to list all available options.
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