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Location: :effect: Effects > :halo: Halo

Info: Applies an outline to its parent part.

  • Add a :halo: Halo part under any model to give that model an outline
  • Changing the settings of the :halo: Halo part will change the appearance of the outline
color The color of the halo, darker colors equate to a dimmer halo on additive mode
passes How many times the halo is drawn, higher values make the halo more dense
additive Determines whether the halo should add color (additive mode) or remove color (subtractive mode)
blur x Amount of horizontal blurring
blur y Amount of vertical blurring
amount Amount of overall blur
spherical size (??) FIXME
shape (??) FIXME
affect children Determines whether the halo affects its parent or its children (doesn't seem to work)
name The name of the part
hide Determines whether to render the proxy or ignore/hide it
is explicit Toggles whether to hide the part if it is considered explicit or NSFW
parent name The name of the bone's parent part (the halo will move under said part if you decide to change this)
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