Allows you to create groups of parts for organization as well as control which entity they are attached to. Using this, you can put parts on ragdolls, NPCs, props, etc.

This part can be found under:

You can easily find it by clicking on the sign and typing group.

Customized grenade. The owner name is set to npc_grenade_frag. Duplicate is enabled in order to attach the group to multiple objects at once.

Download: custom_grenade.txt


Allows the group to attach to multiple entities at once. For example, when replacing grenades.


Custom name of the group that will be displayed in the editor. Helps with organization. You should probably keep it unique to avoid conflicts.


Hides (disables) the group. All children are hidden as well.

owner name

The entity that the group and all of it's parts are attached to. This allows you to attach your outfit to any entity that you can manipulate (?). Type the name in or click on 1) to select.

Show a list of commonly used entity names.

self Your playermodel
viewmodel Your viewmodel (what you see in firstperson)
hands Your firstperson arms model
npc_grenade_frag Grenade (weapon_frag)
grenade_ar2 SMG grenade (weapon_smg secondary fire)
rpg_missile Missile (weapon_rpg)
prop_combine_ball Combine Ball (weapon_ar2 secondary fire)
crossbow_bolt Crossbow Bolt (weapon_crossbow)

List of all entities →

parent name

Parent of the group. Click on 2) to select.

draw order

Setting this to something other than 0 stops the group from attaching to the player when using duplicate. (???)

1) , 2)
Right Click on to list all available options.
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