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Location: Effect > Text

Info: Allows you to make simple text.

Basic usage:

  • Add Text part to your pac
  • Click on text and write anything


text The text you want.
font The font you want to use.
size Size of the text.
outline Number of outlines behind the text.
color Color of the text.
alpha How faded out the text should be.
outline color Color of the outline.
name Name of the part.
hide Hides this part.
parent name Name of the parent. Click on to select.
aim part name Aims this part at an part. Click on to select.
bone Determines what bone this part is applied to. Click on to select..
position Values that alter the position of this part.
angles Values that alter the angles of this part.
eye angles Determines if part angles follows Eye Angles or not
position offset Alters the position offset of this part
angle offset Alters the angle offset of this part
translucent ???
draw order ???
ignore z Ignores depth buffer.
no texture filtering Determines if part has texture filtering or not
blend mode ???
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