Pose Parameter


Used to control blend sequences on animations such as directional movement, head movement, etc.


This part can be found under:


You can easily find it by clicking on the sign and typing poseparameter.

  1. Add the :poseparameter: Modifier > Pose Parameter part.
  2. Pick the pose parameter and set the range.

This is an example of a working working directional movement on an NPC model. It uses the move_yaw pose parameter combined with a proxy.

Expression: atan2(-owner_velocity_right(),-owner_velocity_forward())/(-PI)

Download: 8way.txt
pose parameter

The parameter that you want to change. Clicking lists all parameters defined on the model.


Value of the pose parameter. Both 0-1 and ranges defined in the .QC file should work fine.


Name of this part. Keep this unique.


Hides (disables) this part.

is explicit

Marks this part as explicit. Players using pac_hide_disturbing 1 won't be able to see it.

parent name

Parent of this part.

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