Events allow you to show/hide parts of your outfit. They trigger when a specified condition is met. By default they will HIDE parts when triggered.

This part can be found under:

You can easily find it by clicking on the sign and typing event.

  1. Add the Event part to your outfit.
  2. In the event field pick1) the event you want to use.
  3. In the operator field pick2) the operator.
  4. Change the event-specific settings. See event list to learn more about them.

Event to be used.


See Operators


Inverts the event. Inverted events SHOW parts instead of hiding them.

root owner

Target the local player instead of the part's parent. Not sure if this even works.

affect children only

This event will only affect its children.

zero eye pitch



Custom name of the event that will be displayed in the editor. Helps with organization. You should probably keep it unique to avoid conflicts.


Hides (disables) the event. All children are hidden as well.

is explicit

Marks the event as explicit. Players using pac_hide_disturbing 1 won't be able to see it.

→ Read More

parent name

Parent of the event. Click on 3) to select.

Operators control the behavior of events. It's important to use a correct operator for each type of event.

Number operators work with events that use numbers, while String operators work with events that use text. Some operators can be used with both.

above a > b Returns true when the value is above target.
below a < b Returns true when the value is below target.
equal a == b Returns true when the value is equal to target.
equal or above a >= b Returns true when the value is equal to or above target.
equal or below a <= b Returns true when the value is equal to or below target.
not equal a ~= b Returns true the value is not equal to target.
maybe math.random() > 0.5 Maybe its true, maybe not. 8-)
find / find simple Returns true when a given string is found, you can use multiple strings separated by ;
The difference between find and find simple is that find is case sensitive.
Supports patterns. (e.g. weapon will match all default weapons)
equal a == b Returns true when the value is equal to target.
not equal a ~= b Returns true the value is not equal to target.

Triggers when a given animation event (find argument) is played.

This event is used for animation events (e.g. jump), if you're looking for an event that uses specific animation sequences (e.g. jump_pistol) see sequence name.

→

Triggers while holding a given key.

This event only works while you're holding the button, if you're looking for a toggle button see :event: command event.

→

Compares your clip size to a given value (amount argument) and triggers the event if the operation returns true.

→

Triggers on collision. Meant to be used with Projectile.

→

Triggers when a given command is used. This event is controlled through the pac_event console command. It can be:

  • used from the console ~,
  • used from the event wheel (+pac_events),
  • bound to a key
  • used together with a :event: Button event and the Command part.

→

Triggers based on distance. Ranger casts a ray starting at the location of the parent model, in the direction of the red positional arrow. Distance is the max length of the ray. Compare is the distance you want to compare to using an operator.

→

Triggers based on time, usually used with other events. The event starts counting time when shown and compares it to the number of seconds using an operator. Can be used to show/hide other parts after a certain amount of time.

→

Driver Name
Emit Sound
Entity Class
EyeTrace Entity Class
Fire Bullets
Gravitygun Punt
Has Weapon
Health Lost
Is Client
Is Crouching
Is Flashlight On
Is In Noclip
Is On Ground
Is Typing
Is Under Water
Is Voice Chatting
Map Name
Model Name
Owner Alive
Owner Armor
Owner Max Health
Owner Scale
Owner Scale
Owner Scale
Owner Velocity
Parent Scale
Parent Velocity
Random Timer
Sequence Name
Total Ammo
Using Physgun
Vehicle Class
Vehicle Model
Weapon Class

1) , 2)
Click on
Right Click on to list all available options.
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